Art of Moda – Welcome!

Welcome to the Art of Moda – a blog created to express my love of fashion. Fashion is a form of art and creativity.  I want to apply the artistic side of me to fashion and share with you all the latest trends and styles that I love!  I’m more and more involved every week (trying to attend different fashion shows and of course keeping up with my daily reading of the fashion mags!) I don’t believe you need to buy the most expensive designer clothes to be able to enjoy fashion (though, don’t get me wrong, I do love my Marc Jacob’s bag!!)  My artistic eye has always revolved around fashion (with support from my lovely mother who introduced my to my fashion love – Nordstrom!; and one of my best friends who has said on numerous occasions, “can you be my personal shopper??!!”)  One of my favorite things about fashion is accessories – take a black dress for example. It’s like an artists blank canvas.  And here, I’m going to share my tips on taking the blank canvas and adding more, less or things that you never might have thought could have been put together!

And lastly – be sure to check out ‘Fashion Week/end’ every Sunday for either a sneak peek at what to wear this week or a weekend outfit highlight!

Thank you all and enjoy!


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  1. Kristine Smith

    Yas! great job on the blog 😉 I would love to go to a fashion event with you sometime!! and I will definetly have to get some Retin A ! haha.

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