Leopard Print

Almost every 2010 ‘Fashion Trend Report’ included leopard print – whether it’s leopard print scarfs, leopard print fur coats, skirts, shoes, handbags and more, it was one of the must-have accessories. And as we enter 2011, it’s not going anywhere! What is the best way to wear these spots?? The ‘chic’ look is about pairing your denim jeans and black sweater which a leopard touch.  A few years ago I did own a great pair of leopard print flats and loved them so much I wore them out (also walking every where in the city doesn’t help the longevity of shoes!!!)

I’ve been eyeing a pair of leopard print flats at Banana Republic for over a month now! I have been good and focused my shopping on others (I really just love shopping for family and friends!).  I was lucky enough to have this week off from work and I decided to stroll over to Banana Republic on Grant St. (the biggest store ever!) They were having a ‘40%’ off sale that I just had to check out.  As I was eyeing all of the flats, I happen to see one loan pair of the leopard print flats….and the very last pair…..that happen to be my exact size!! It was a successful shopping trip to one of my favorite stores and i’m excited to add some feline charm to my outfits!



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4 responses to “Leopard Print

  1. So cute! I love leopard!

  2. LOVE the BR flats!! 😉

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