Quick Sneak Peek – Spring 2011

The two biggest times of the year for fashion are Spring and Fall.  As we are now in a new year, Spring is going to approach quicker than we think!!  If I had to choose my favorite fashion season it would be Fall (although, I get to experience Fall fashion almost year-round living here in San Francisco!) I do love a lot of the dresses and the shoes in Spring, but I’m a true fan of the Fall coats, boots and scarfs.  I wanted to share with you a glimpse into Spring 2011 fashion  courtesy of InStyle Magazine:

– The Jean: Trousers – A Sophisticated look for denim.  I am the biggest fan of skinny jeans, however, I do own a pair of ‘trouser jeans’ from Banana Republic. I think this is a great look for work and/or more dressy for a weekend dinner when it’s still too chilly to wear a dress.

– The Shoe: Wedges – A more ‘chunky’ style; I love the wedges that tie around the ankles (I own a great pair that I got at Zara in Florence, Italy about 5 years ago!!) If it has a good heel height and tie around the ankle, then you can have more of a ‘classy’ wedge look.

– The Detail: Fringe – Bring on the Western look with tasseled jackets, vests, pants and more! I don’t know how I feel about this ‘trend’ – I think the closest I may get to ‘fringe’ this Spring may be with a bag!

– The Print: Exotic Floral – On a nice skirt with a simple top, this could make for a chic Spring look.  I’m not a big fan of ‘floral prints’ but let’s see what’s in store for us this season.

On a side note around accessories, one accessory that I’m liking more and more these days are – glasses!  I have been wearing my Kate Spade glasses and think it’s a great accessory to pair with jeans and a classic t-shirt.


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