KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON – A pretty simple statement that is yet very powerful. A World War II message that has so much meaning to many different situations. Whether it’s something you find yourself saying to yourself at work, at home, when driving, etc.,  and when I’m in a stressful or tough situation, it’s a saying that I find myself revisiting and just thinking about it, helps put things back in perspective.  I’ve seen this on posters (I have one that’s a light pink background with the saying in a white font), on coffee mugs, notebooks, and more and came across this on The Coveteur and was amazed that this is a rug.  Celine Kaplan, the Exec. Director or PR at Eres, acquired this rug. I love the accents here with the Chanel bag and Giuseppe Zanotti Boots.

Put this statement on a post-it note and see how it can also help you get through stressful situations. It’s kinda like how something as simple as smiling can change your mood.

*Photo: The Coveteur

I love the colors in these Chanel bags – it’s amazing what color can do for your mood, too (while we’re on that subject!!) These bags are also a perfect way to add a nice accent to any outfit! I’d would throw on my Hudson dark skinny jeans, a white v-neck tshirt, black blazer and this Chanel bag over my shoulder and have the perfect outfit!!

*Photo: The Coveteur



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3 responses to “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON

  1. LOVE, LOVE!! I soooo need that rug in my closet asap! Great blog post…good to reflect…

  2. Thanks love!!! I know, right?! Let’s get matching ones for our closets!! =)

  3. Kristine Smith

    I love this quote too 🙂

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