The Closet Visit.  Jeana Sohn is full of inspiration. Sohn visits creative, inspiring and stylish closets of designers, artists, photographers and more and captures everything from their closets in her beautiful photos.

Steven Alan’s Spring 2011 collection.  Alan posted his Spring 2011 Lookbook on his site – I love it – it’s effortless and chic. This is one of my favorite’s from his collection – makes me crave a long week in Fiji or somewhere balmy!

Vogue Fashion Week Essentials. Vogue recently took a snapshot of ‘Fashion Week Essentials’ from creative directors and fashion editors. One of my favorites was Natalie Joos – Casting Director and Blogger. The Odwalla bar – love it because I can totally relate – I always have snacks in my purse – usually a Luna Bar (sometimes Odwalla), gum, jelly beans….also relate to Joos when it comes to lip balm, sunglasses, credit cards, and last but not least gloves! I am always cold and never forget to walk out of the house with my gloves (especially this time of the year!)

The Coveteur. Not only are the photos on this blog beautiful, but I love the detail that The Coveteur goes into as they take you inside the closets of internationally influential cultural forecasters, showing us what culminates in their personal style.

I love this most recent photo from Karla Martinez’s closet – Fashion Market and Accessories Director, W Magazine.  Throw on this fur vest and you have your outfit (and as Martinez calls it – an outfit saver!) Vest – sportmax.


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