Summer Travel & Denim <3

Today I was inspired by summer and denim. Summer because we finally saw the sun here in San Francisco and because I’m craving to travel somewhere exotic – summertime always reminds me of roadtrips and getaways. We spend the first 22 years of our life in school with a ‘summer break’ that consists of trips to Disneyland when you’re little, roadtrips to Lake Tahoe, special occassion trips to Hawaii and other getaways in which you create many memories. And denim – well, that’s a bit more random 😉 but I love denim – from very dark denim to vintage-washed denim. Pair denim with a t-shirt and a fabulous accessory (it’s all about the accessories!) from your favorite Michael Kors watch or Marc Jacobs bag to your Chanel sunglasses and out the door you go!

It’s been a busy week!!


Photos: The Coveteur.

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