Summer Sunday

Photo: Pinterst I love how this outfit goes together (I would have never thought to pair an orange sweater with blue and white shorts!) and the added detail of the gold necklace and turquoise belt! I love all of the colors and pattern.

Photo: PinterstI love the simplicity of this outfit with the extremely bold necklace – it’s gorgeous. And the hat is perfect with this. I am so happy it’s summer now and I can wear my fedora!

Photo: PinterstOne word to describe this picture: Bliss.

Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Mine was very eventful and filled with friends, family, bbq’s and walking miles throughout SF in the sunshine.  My new distraction is something some of you may have also discovered – Pinterest If you haven’t – it’s a must! Not only can you “pin” all the wonderful things you are finding out there, but you can browse things that are people are finding that you may love – from fashion to amazing and fun recipes to beautiful interior design – it has it all! Would have been an amazing to have last summer when I was planning my wedding!!

This week, I was inspired by peace in the sense of being ‘at peace’ with oneself and loving and appreciating all that we have in life.


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