A fashion day in SF!

Today was a big day for me – I didn’t wear black!!! Let me tell you it sure was tough! I love black – and what I love about it is that you can pair it with some amazing accessories! It’s soooo hard for me to have something colorful on when I leave the door. But we are in the middle of July and it was a lovely sunny day and I couldn’t do black – instead, I threw on a bright purple v-neck tshirt with my dark skinny jeans and a light tan blazer and out the door I went (my husband loved the bright purple, too!) 🙂  Paired with a gold necklace and my gold Michael Kors watch – I felt the sun and it felt good.

I’ve been fighting a cold the past few days so today we ventured out just to go look at an open house we were curious about that was in the Corona Heights district of SF. And I must admit – I’d never knew such a district existed!!! You drive down 16th street, cross market and head up a nice hill (oh SF and our hills!)  We ended up seeing a few different places that were gorgeous.  The last place had an amazing roof deck and since we literally just happen to have the camera, my husband snapped a few photos because we couldn’t leave without capturing a few shots of the amazing city view.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


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