Wedding Day Bliss

Almost one year ago (August 14 to be exact) I married the man of my dreams. Not only is it wedding season, but to celebrate our upcoming anniversary, it’s the perfect opportunity to share with you all what I wore on the best day of my life. Our wedding took place at Kenwood Farms & Gardens in Sonoma, CA. It was harvest season in wine country and the scenery was beautiful. It’s impossible to describe all of the different moments leading up to your wedding day – from all of the planning (lots and lots of planning!), to the showers and celebrations, to picking out your wedding dress to the feelings just a month before and then next thing you know you’re heading to wine country for the rehearsal dinner and then your wedding day.  It was the perfect day. It was the only day ever in my entire life where all of my family and close friends were with us to celebrate – that alone is an amazing feeling (clearly, I’m still ‘living’ in that moment!) ❤

I was extremly thankful to have my lovely mother by my side during everything and was there to help me pick out my dress. I narrowed it down to three and then had an entire entourage to help make the final decision – my mom, aunt, cousin, grandma and all of my beautiful bridesmaids. I ended up picking the very first dress that I tried on – a simple, strapless, angora silk dress with lace detail over the entire dress – very romatic, elegant, and vintage – the perfect dress for our outdoor wedding in wine country.  And I had to have feathers – I love feathers. From my shoes to my favorite piece – the feather hairpiece (real ostrich feathers)! And last but not least jewelry – my loving grandmother wanted to get me my wedding jewelry so that when I wore it on my special day, I would think of her – she got me a beautiful David Yurman necklace and diamond stud earrings – it was perfect.

And of course a photo of me and my husband (and photographer for this blog!).

Cheers to wedding season and wedding bliss!


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  1. Love the new background, and as always, gorgeous pics lady!

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