DailyBuzz Food Blogger Festival @CityView San Francisco

Yesterday kicked-off the 2012 DailyBuzz Food Blogger Festival in San Francisco! A great way to meet a lot of food bloggers and local vendors! Today was the Tasting at City View in The Metreon – a beautiful space with amazing views of the city and SFMOMA. We arrived at 1pm when the event started and were given a great reusable bag to start filling with goodies!

Our lovely Food blogger reusable bag! I’m already a huge fan of 18 Rabbits – my favorite granola bar is the Funky Fig & Cherries and I always buy the Gracious Granola with coconut. We were lucky to get a sample of the Cheeky Cherry Chocolate granola bar – can’t wait to try it!

Of course you can never go wrong with Ghiradelli chocolate and there wasn’t a shortage! They were so kind to giveaway full chocolate bars of the Intense Dark Cabernet Matinee that’s infused with a hint of blackberry and Cabernet flavors! They also had samples of the Sea Salt Soiree, Twilight Delight and Midnight Reverie all paired with Cupcake Vineyards. Another one of my favorites in the goodie bag was the bars by Clif Bar – KIT’S ORGANIC. Lots of different flavors and they are gluten-free!

Toot Sweet had cute boxes filled with samples of their artisan caramel – a pistachio rosemary and a salted honey. Really sweet and delicious!

I was so excited to see Biscuit Bender at the food festival today.  I saw their new kiosk that opened recently at the Ferry Building and have been anxious to try their biscuits.  We tried the classic and the double bacon – both delicious and perfectly made!

Three twins ice cream was another one of my favorites. They were serving 4 different flavors of their ice cream and we went for the cardamom because it was the most unique! It was very flavorful. The ice cream factory is in Petaluma and you can find it at Whole Foods and various other markets, as well as the Berkeley Farmer’s Market.

Alaska Seafood had a long table setup with beautiful whole fish! We sampled a halibut in a Thai curry sauce that was perfectly cooked and an Alaskan snowcrab cake. Very fresh fish and natural and sustainable.


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