Flannel in Fall!

It’s official – we have our very first Target here in San Francisco and what a better name for it than CityTarget! It’s located in an already buzzing place in the city – at the corner of 4th Street and Mission just feet from Westfield Mall and located in the Metreon SF, which has gone through a complete transformation.  Now not only featuring CityTarget, but Chronicle Books, La Boulange, Super Duper Burger and other cute spots! We rode up the escalators in the CityTarget – open now exactly a week – and were amongst hundreds of other people – a few that looked like locals – the rest wandering tourists and out-of-towners that I guess were also interested in seeing what the “City” Target was all about. It’s no different from any other target and I expect they will be extremely busy over the next few months especially (holidays!)

We had one thing in mind for purchase – the game Sequence. I played it growing up as a child all the time – for hours on end.  It had been a very long time since I had last played and was reintroduced to it by Nigel’s aunt in Lake Tahoe last weekend. It’s such a great game and that was one of our CityTarget purchases.  Scanning the aisles, a brightly colored flannel shirt also caught my eye.  Great shirt for fall to throw on with a pair of jeans!

And when we got home, our patio was filled with leaves! I had a fun mini photoshoot amongst the Fall leaves with my husband aka my photographer.


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