Sunday Brunch

Boulettes Larder in the San Francisco Ferry Building has one of the most beautiful open kitchens and is a very unique culinary experience.  The restaurant has been there since 2004 with chef amaryll schwertner. There is one big communal table that seats 11 people located right in the heart of the kitchen. You can watch the chefs do everything from prep, to toasting the housemade bread, to plating. The table is rustic and simple – wood with paper placemats and a runner and there was a beautiful holiday bouquet in the center with my favorite holiday berries.

The menu changes daily. For brunch, we started with french pressed blue bottle coffee and hand squeezed orange juice. The boulettes larder beignets are a must. They come out hot and melt in your mouth.  We ordered the scrambled eggs with spicy purple broccoli and the poached eggs over greens and yogurt. The scrambled eggs was a pretty simple dish but with so much flavor. The contrast in flavors from the spicy broccoli to the eggs with a creamy sauce and feta cheese was perfect.  The poached eggs reminded us of Indian food from the flavors that were in the greens and the yogurt.


bouletteslarder2Boulettes Larder beignets.

bouletteslarder3View of the open kitchen from the communal table.

bouletteslarder4Scrambled eggs with spicy purple broccoli.


bouletteslarderPoached eggs on top of greens and yogurt.

bouletteslarder5The beautiful rustic table.



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  1. dkrause09

    Nice post, Yas! Purple Broccoli?! Sounds interesting…

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