Winter Outfits – Channeling Leather, Anthropologie & J. Crew


I love to mix and match leather! This is one of my favorite skirts (wearing it with DKNY tights from Nordstrom) and my black wool coat and scarf (also Nordstrom). I wear it with casual cotton tops to dressy silk blouses to a fun lace top. Perfect for dinner out in SF and meetings!


I sometimes go into Anthropologie just because being in there is relaxing. The smell of all of their amazing candles, combined with the music and beautiful cloths to bedroom sheets – it’s almost like stepping into a spa (in my opinion) just without the massage 🙂  When I saw this skirt there recently I knew that I had to get it.  Definitely more funky (I’m more and more embracing the ‘funky’).  It’s comfortable and can we worn with many different tops and shoes. I threw on an Anthropolgie top (one of my favorite black blouses with gold buttons) and black boots. Perfect chilly SF day outfit!



And talk about going all out there – I was really channeling J. Crew when I put this outfit together. One of their recent catalogs was ALL bright colors and pairing them together! Who would have thought that a bright purple cashmere sweater would look good with hot red pants?? I wore this on Christmas Eve and was just in a colorful mood all day! The sweater is from Nordstrom, white blouse is H&M, pants from GAP, Marc Jacobs bag with oxfords (my fav).



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2 responses to “Winter Outfits – Channeling Leather, Anthropologie & J. Crew

  1. dkrause09

    Another great post, Yas! I find anthro relaxing too haha.


  2. Kristine

    Beautiful Yas! love your style!


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