Red Shoes & Bundt’s





If you know me, you know my “specialty” is bundt cakes. I have always loved baking. I grew up baking with my dad – we loved making everyone’s birthday cakes from scratch and chocolate brownies. For awhile, I baked a lot of cupcakes. And then I bought the book, Cake Simple, that changed my “baking” life. It is an amazing book filled with different bundt cake recipes – ranging from simple brown sugar bundt cakes to “foodie” bundt cakes and decadent chocolate fudge cakes. The pictures are also really great!  I’ve made almost every bundt cake in the book and will now be going back through the book and making them again to complete perfection and also photographing the results.  I usually bake a bundt cake on Sunday nights and bring it into the office (I work in hospitality PR and we all love food) and we call it “Bundt Cake Monday’s”.   This week was a delicious lemon bundt cake – the fresh squeezed lemons really make the cake and the lemon frosting.

And onto equally important things – shoes! I found the perfect pair of shoes and out of all places from The City Target! I was strolling through to stock up on some household items and happen to walk past the shoe department. I saw this amazing red shoes with an ankle strap and perfect height! I wear them with many different outfits – from dark jeans to skirts and colored pants and get so many compliments on them. The red instantly brightens the day and any outfit.



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One response to “Red Shoes & Bundt’s

  1. Cam

    Bundt cake always trumps regular cake in my book. Thanks for the cookbook recommendation 🙂

    Do you know who did the red bunny art in your first photo? I think it’s really interesting.

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