Closet Visit

IMG_1374I keep many scarves out on my dresser for easy access. Living in San Francisco, I would say I wear a scarf about 320 out of 365 days of the year! The orange one is from Istanbul, Turkey.

IMG_1382An engagement photo, lamp from the lovely Target and a faux fur table cover that I’ve had since college. I found it at a fabric store in San Diego.

IMG_1387The top of my other dresser has perfume and jewelry. Always a small bottle of Jo Malone (right now – Grapefruit) and Hermes perfume (perfect for Spring).

IMG_1389I wear mostly necklaces and bracelets and I choose which pieces to wear depending on my mood that day.  Ranging from pearls to feather necklaces to gold chains to a David Yurman piece that my grandmother gave me as a wedding gift.  I love the small bowl that I found at Anthropologie – perfect for keeping various rings.

IMG_1395Most of my closet is arranged by color. A glimpse at some fur jackets, vests and blazers; all from stores that range from Jeremy’s Department store in South Park, SOMA to Theory from Bloomingdales to Banana Republic to H&M and more.

IMG_1398Another view of mostly blouses, jackets, skirts and dresses.  Bags hanging are Marc by Marc Jacobs (a leather bag I have had for almost 5 years now; the other is Brahmin)

IMG_1399I wear a lot of black.  It is so classy, stylish and sophisticated and I love to accessorize. From time to time, I do love to throw on something patterned or colorful.  The pink tweed skirt and the zebra striped skirt are from Banana Republic, a peak of a sequin tank from Nordstrom, a skirt from Antropologie and two leather skirts – the gold from Zara and the black from H&M.

IMG_1406I love jeans. My two favorite pairs are the dark Hudson jeans and my Rag & Bones jeans – the material is amazing.

IMG_1407And a few lighter and more colorful shades. Red jeans from GAP, colorful cropped pants from the lovely Target, green jeans from New Zealand and a few lighter washes.

IMG_1421My motto: Keep Calm and Carry On; paired with of course many Vogue, 7X7, San Francisco magazines and books. 

IMG_1426Black leather Michael Kors wallet, Paul Smith glasses, and my wedding bag – gold sequin Whiting & Davis.

I love the blog – Closet Visit. If you haven’t checked it out, you should. They visit closets of many people ranging from authors, editors, stylists, actors and more. I love everyone’s unique style and the way they shoot the “closet visits”. I was inspired to do my own and give you a glimpse into my creative, fashion world.


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