Style Section & Challah






Art of Moda is a combination of my love for fashion – and food! This post combines those two favorite things.  This was taken in our loft in my favorite corner of the entire space – our antique chair with faux fur in front of the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the courtyard.  Every morning starts off with coffee and the San Francisco Chronicle and my two favorite sections are Food & Wine and Style.  I was wearing a black & white animal print shirt from H&M, pattern pants from Nordstrom, red platform shoes from the amazing Target (yes, Target!) and one of my favorite jewelery pieces – a silver necklace that Nigel got me for my 30th birthday (it’s made in France). Glasses are Corinne McCormack and are from Nordstrom.  And the cutest thing of all is the furry animal – the lovely Miss Fidel.

Now for the food.  I love Challah bread and decided to make my own. The recipe I found is from – Double-Braid Challah Bread with Sesame Seeds.  It was fairly easy – just takes a lot of patience and time for letting it rise multiple times, braiding the bread (the fun part) and then cooking it.  For the first time making challah bread, I was impressed with how it turned out! I was able to take some over to my brother’s new apartment and share with him and his girlfriend Devin for a dinner party we had with our parents. I can’t wait to make it again.


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