Welcome to the Art of Moda – a blog created to express my love of fashion and food. Both food and fashion are a form of art and creativity.  I  want to capture and share all of my experiences from various fashion and food events, trends and more on this blog.

This blog is dedicated to my lovely mother – my favorite shopping partner – who introduced me to shopping many, many years ago. And not just to shopping, but the countless hours we have spent together enjoying those moments, chatting and of course sipping our Chai latte’s.

All comments are welcome and appreciated – enjoy.

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4 responses to “About

  1. What a wonderful tribute to your mom- I look forward to reading and learning more about how to up my fashion game. You do have a great sense of fashion and I imagine your mother does too. Post more pictures!

  2. david

    Blog is lookin good sis! I like the gold dress pic…funny

  3. Janethohmann

    Yas, you have great style! Love that you’re writing here and what a fantastic tribute to your mom.

  4. Hi there! I actually came across your blog through the San Francisco Fashion and Beauty Bloggers group and really loved your blog! I wanted to reach out to you and let you know about our workshop & what we do, because we would love to have you & I think you would really love what we do!

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    So far we’ve hosted three workshops in Arizona and two in Mexico City. We have a workshop in San Diego this weekend. After that, we’re headed to San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and then Dallas in January.

    The workshop is truly a valuable investment. Besides the photoshop, graphic design, branding, monitization of your blog/business, photography knowledge & skills that you will take away, it’s just such a fun weekend! We provide an amazing goody bag, food, professional head shots, a USB, and an informative booklet. It’s such a great opportunity for bloggers, creatives, photographers, & business owners to meet up, network, & collaborate.

    So I wanted to extend an invitation to you and see if you had any interest in registering. We do provide a blogger discount! Let me know if you have any questions!

    Instagram @bloguettes

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