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Urban Hike + December Beach Day

IMG_3175We left our loft at 10 AM and started our urban hike down Folsom Street with the first stop on route being coffee! We approached 7th Street and made a sharp right turn to enter the beautiful independent coffee space.  We ordered a Cappuccino, a drip coffee and a chocolate croissant at Sightglass Coffee. A lot of their pastries are from Hookers Sweet Treats and are all really delicious.

IMG_3173 The chocolate croissant that is made with an orange dark chocolate.

IMG_3178Sipping a drip coffee.

IMG_3181Behind the scenes!

IMG_3183From SOMA, we continued up Folsom and then turned down 16th Street to make our way towards the Mission district. A sandwich was next on the list.  We headed for Bi-Rite Market to get a deli sandwich and ordered one of our favorites,  the Bahn Mi Tofu sandwich.  We took the sandwich to Dolores Park to enjoy the sunshine and city views.

IMG_3188From Dolores Park, we walked up and down a few hills towards our next destination – Kite Hill Park.

IMG_3189Headed up 20th Street and stumbled upon a beautiful, modern house with an outside living plant wall.

IMG_3190Only one of at least 10 sets of stairs on our journey.


And we made it to Kite Hill Park. Definitely a hidden gem of San Francisco. You get to the park and don’t know what to expect until you make your way up the final small hill and are greeted with one of the most beautiful panoramic views of lovely San Francisco.

IMG_3195Dolores Heights bordering Eureka Valley, SF.

IMG_3198City views from Kite Hill Park.

IMG_3203Taking a water break on the bench at the top of the park.  From here, we decided that we were already at least two-thirds of the way to Twin Peaks (which has been on our list of places to walk to for a very long time) so we decided to continue our journey to that destination.  And it didn’t hurt that it was 70+ degrees on the last day of November.

IMG_3211Houses, teal pots and cactus in Eureka Valley.


IMG_3215And after quite a few more hills and stairs later, we made it to the very top of Twin Peaks.  Such an incredible view of San Francisco from here and a whole new perspective on the city. Front and center you have the Bay Bridge and to the left, the Golden Gate Bridge. And a great view of Market Street cutting through the entire city leading all the way to the Ferry Building in the background.


IMG_3242December 1 was one of the most beautiful days in San Francisco (and we have been lucky to have many of these this year but in December?!) Quite amazing and kind of scary, too 🙂 It was again, over 70+ degrees. We drove out to Ocean Beach to have brunch at Outerlands.  You add your name to the list which the wait time varies between 30 minutes to two hours.  Luckily, you include your cell phone number next to your name and they text you when your table is getting close to being ready.  Oh – and Ocean Beach is two blocks away.  We had an amazing time strolling up and down the beach, feet in the sand and not a care in the world.


IMG_3254Nigel enjoying Ocean Beach.


IMG_3257After brunch, we walked two blocks in the other direction to end up at Golden Gate Park. We walked through a few different trails, going from the Lincoln side of the park to the Fulton side.


IMG_3271The squirrel that was loving any and all attention and up for anything!


IMG_3277And of course being in Ocean Beach, the surf shops!



IMG_3293The urban hike ended at the Sutro Baths and Lands End, one of my favorite places in San Francisco.  We kept commenting on how lucky we are to live within 20 minutes of a place like this.  After the journey back home, we had walked a total of 16 miles.


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“The” Chairs

Nigel and I hanging out in these amazing chairs at Restoration Hardware, downtown Palo Alto. Amazing. I decided to wear my black and white striped dress by Calvin Klein, with tan gladiator sandals from Zara, feather earrings and Chanel sunglasses.


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H.D. Buttercup::San Francisco

I love wandering through furniture stores – I get so inspired to decorate and get creative! And it also makes me want to rearrange our already gorgeous loft – but it’s just so fun to decorate! H.D. Buttercup recently opened a store in San Francisco – a spot in SOMA on Townsend @ 4th Street and it’s amazing. The minute you walk in, you’re greeted with brilliant and unique pieces of furniture.  Near the front, they have cute decorative things for your house, too – like picture frames (leather, animal prints, antique and more!) and this time of the year, they have amazing ornaments! They also had treats and Phillz coffee out to enjoy – cookies, cinnamon buns, biscotti’s…yummm!  Each area of the huge warehouse is uniquely decorated by themes – very nicely done.  Here’s a few photos that I was able to capture – and out of the entire store our favorite piece was the cowhide headboard!

Enjoy and definitely worth checking out the store if you’re in SF (or Los Angeles!)


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holiday sparkles

It’s my favorite time of the year – the holiday’s! Which also means sparkles, sparkles and more sparkles! Whether it’s your entire holiday outfit or a touch of it here or there, it puts me instantly in the holiday spirit. And it’s going to add the perfect touch to all of my holiday gifts!

Peace, Love, Happy Holidays!


Photos: Pinterst; Bescotted Brand Blog.


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Weekend Love


Happy weekend!  It’s my favorite time of the year – Fall.  Although, we have been having our Indian Summer in San Francisco so besides it being dark in the morning and getting darker earlier in the evening, it feels like summer during the day and at night.  We will be in Napa today for a friend’s wedding.  Napa is beautiful and we are excited to celebrate a beautiful day and enjoy some wine and the vineyards. And tomorrow we will be enjoying some great indie music at the Treasure Island Music Festival.
Peace & Love.

Photos: Pinterest; The Coveteur; Patterson Maker


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I’m Loving….


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I’m loving….

Hello weekend. What a crazy busy (but insanely productive week!!) I love the feeling of working hard…but then taking a few days off and feeling like these days off (aka the weekend) are TRULY deserved. And this weekend is extra special – it is my one-year wedding anniversary. The weekend is going to be spent in Sonoma and I treated myself to the day off on Monday. I’m going to enough the afternoon with my lovely mother.  In addition to being thankful…I’m so excited for the September issue of Vogue (it’s the best issue ever and hits newsstands Aug. 23!!!) And these outfits remind me of new york city and I can’t wait for our upcoming trip (just so happens to work out that we will be there at the beginning of…what for it…NYC Fashion Week!)
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Photo: Fashion; Sacramento Street

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Wedding Day Bliss

Almost one year ago (August 14 to be exact) I married the man of my dreams. Not only is it wedding season, but to celebrate our upcoming anniversary, it’s the perfect opportunity to share with you all what I wore on the best day of my life. Our wedding took place at Kenwood Farms & Gardens in Sonoma, CA. It was harvest season in wine country and the scenery was beautiful. It’s impossible to describe all of the different moments leading up to your wedding day – from all of the planning (lots and lots of planning!), to the showers and celebrations, to picking out your wedding dress to the feelings just a month before and then next thing you know you’re heading to wine country for the rehearsal dinner and then your wedding day.  It was the perfect day. It was the only day ever in my entire life where all of my family and close friends were with us to celebrate – that alone is an amazing feeling (clearly, I’m still ‘living’ in that moment!) ❤

I was extremly thankful to have my lovely mother by my side during everything and was there to help me pick out my dress. I narrowed it down to three and then had an entire entourage to help make the final decision – my mom, aunt, cousin, grandma and all of my beautiful bridesmaids. I ended up picking the very first dress that I tried on – a simple, strapless, angora silk dress with lace detail over the entire dress – very romatic, elegant, and vintage – the perfect dress for our outdoor wedding in wine country.  And I had to have feathers – I love feathers. From my shoes to my favorite piece – the feather hairpiece (real ostrich feathers)! And last but not least jewelry – my loving grandmother wanted to get me my wedding jewelry so that when I wore it on my special day, I would think of her – she got me a beautiful David Yurman necklace and diamond stud earrings – it was perfect.

And of course a photo of me and my husband (and photographer for this blog!).

Cheers to wedding season and wedding bliss!


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Be Different.

This post is dedicated to being different.  As we start off the lovely weekend – do something different.  Today, instead of spending the day in our little South Beach area of SF, we are venturing out to Half Moon Bay and Pescadero to enjoy the beach and outdoors and to take pictures of beautiful things.
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.


Photos: Sow Kindness. Gather Love.; Beautiful Space and Places; Eye Poetry.

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Summer Sunday

Photo: Pinterst I love how this outfit goes together (I would have never thought to pair an orange sweater with blue and white shorts!) and the added detail of the gold necklace and turquoise belt! I love all of the colors and pattern.

Photo: PinterstI love the simplicity of this outfit with the extremely bold necklace – it’s gorgeous. And the hat is perfect with this. I am so happy it’s summer now and I can wear my fedora!

Photo: PinterstOne word to describe this picture: Bliss.

Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Mine was very eventful and filled with friends, family, bbq’s and walking miles throughout SF in the sunshine.  My new distraction is something some of you may have also discovered – Pinterest If you haven’t – it’s a must! Not only can you “pin” all the wonderful things you are finding out there, but you can browse things that are people are finding that you may love – from fashion to amazing and fun recipes to beautiful interior design – it has it all! Would have been an amazing to have last summer when I was planning my wedding!!

This week, I was inspired by peace in the sense of being ‘at peace’ with oneself and loving and appreciating all that we have in life.


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