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Doors of Spain and France













IMG_2922As we traveled through Spain and France, September 2013, I noticed how unique every single door was in each town we were in.  We got “lost” in Barcelona, Girona, Montepellier and Lyon, wandering up and down streets and alleys. I began to take photos of the different doors, mesmerized by the different colors, style and architecture. It’s all about the little details.  Enjoy the “doors of Spain and France.”


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What I Wore in New York City ~ Fashion Week

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New York City here we come!

Now it’s officially a week until my husband and I will be leaving on a jet plane for New York City! Some of the photos above describe how I’m feeling at the moment when it comes to packing! 🙂 From hot and humid to rain and thunder – how am I supposed to pack?!?! And we will be there for TWO weeks! Oh vey!  Our flight leaves at 7AM next Sunday the 28th (which means we’ll be up at 4AM and I’ll be sporting my Chanel sunglasses even in the airport!)  We are going out East for a wedding that is going on the weekend of September 10 and thought about how we can extend the trip….luckily, both of our companies have offices in NYC so we’ve arranged to work from the city for our first week there (the second week will be spent purely enjoying NYC on vacation!) We are thankful and excited to get the opportunity to work/live in NYC and experience something totally new – I’m excited for a nice change of routine and atmosphere.

We also just happen to be in NYC for FASHION WEEK! I’ll be definitely wandering around to see what I can spot with my camera and can’t wait to share with you all what I’m able to experience and capture.

Let the packing begin! Have a lovely weekend!



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Be Different.

This post is dedicated to being different.  As we start off the lovely weekend – do something different.  Today, instead of spending the day in our little South Beach area of SF, we are venturing out to Half Moon Bay and Pescadero to enjoy the beach and outdoors and to take pictures of beautiful things.
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.


Photos: Sow Kindness. Gather Love.; Beautiful Space and Places; Eye Poetry.

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Summer Travel & Denim <3

Today I was inspired by summer and denim. Summer because we finally saw the sun here in San Francisco and because I’m craving to travel somewhere exotic – summertime always reminds me of roadtrips and getaways. We spend the first 22 years of our life in school with a ‘summer break’ that consists of trips to Disneyland when you’re little, roadtrips to Lake Tahoe, special occassion trips to Hawaii and other getaways in which you create many memories. And denim – well, that’s a bit more random 😉 but I love denim – from very dark denim to vintage-washed denim. Pair denim with a t-shirt and a fabulous accessory (it’s all about the accessories!) from your favorite Michael Kors watch or Marc Jacobs bag to your Chanel sunglasses and out the door you go!

It’s been a busy week!!


Photos: The Coveteur.

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