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Bill Cunningham New York

Bill Cunningham New York:: a documentary film about Bill Cunningham – the famous fashion photographer in New York. He is known for riding his bike through New York City, capturing fashion trends for his column in the New York Times, “On the Street”. It’s an inspiring movie on how he documented fashion during his career.   As Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, puts it: “We all get dressed for Bill”.

A must-see film!


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What I Wore in New York City ~ Fashion Week

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Brooklyn Flea + Bergdorf Goodman Flea Market!

I’ve been a busy bee! From spending two weeks on the East Coast in New York City and The Pocono’s to a trip to Las Vegas and a busy time at work in-between, time has flown by!! And I have loved every minute of it. I love reading RACKED and this recent story caught my attention – Bergdorf Goodman Loves Flea Markets So Much, It’s Hosting One. The words ‘Bergdorf Goodman’ and ‘flea market’ don’t seem like they should be in the same sentence! But it IS true –  last week Bergdorf hosted the 5F Flea with vintage from What Goes Around Comes Around and a preview of Dannijo’s holiday collection and there are other 5F Flea’s planned!  This may be a good excuse to go to NYC, Bergdorf and another flea market!

During our trip to NYC, one of the things on my list was to visit the Brooklyn Flea. The Flea features hundreds of top vendors of antique and repurposed furniture, vintage clothing, collectibles and antiques, as well as a tightly curated selection of jewelry, art, and crafts by local artisans and designers, plus delicious fresh food. We went to the Flea that takes place every Sunday (rain or shine!) on the Williamsburg waterfront – a little area of Brooklyn. I would highly recommend visiting Brooklyn Flea if you are out in NY – it’s also a good excuse to head out of Manhattan for the day!  We wandered around for about an hour, admiring all of the vintage goods – from wool suits, fur and boots to beautiful furniture (I wish we weren’t thousands of miles of way from home or else I would haven’t wanted to take home a few pieces!) From gorgeous wooden furniture, to mirrors and trunks….we had to bring something home with us! I LOVE owls and found these two cute vintage owls – one big one and one small and Nigel bought a belt buckle (to add to his collection!)

Stay tuned for a post this weekend on ‘What I Wore in NYC’!


Photos: My photo – Brooklyn Trunk; My photo – Brooklyn Flea Orange Chairs; The Shophound;

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New York City here we come!

Now it’s officially a week until my husband and I will be leaving on a jet plane for New York City! Some of the photos above describe how I’m feeling at the moment when it comes to packing! 🙂 From hot and humid to rain and thunder – how am I supposed to pack?!?! And we will be there for TWO weeks! Oh vey!  Our flight leaves at 7AM next Sunday the 28th (which means we’ll be up at 4AM and I’ll be sporting my Chanel sunglasses even in the airport!)  We are going out East for a wedding that is going on the weekend of September 10 and thought about how we can extend the trip….luckily, both of our companies have offices in NYC so we’ve arranged to work from the city for our first week there (the second week will be spent purely enjoying NYC on vacation!) We are thankful and excited to get the opportunity to work/live in NYC and experience something totally new – I’m excited for a nice change of routine and atmosphere.

We also just happen to be in NYC for FASHION WEEK! I’ll be definitely wandering around to see what I can spot with my camera and can’t wait to share with you all what I’m able to experience and capture.

Let the packing begin! Have a lovely weekend!



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I’m loving….

Hello weekend. What a crazy busy (but insanely productive week!!) I love the feeling of working hard…but then taking a few days off and feeling like these days off (aka the weekend) are TRULY deserved. And this weekend is extra special – it is my one-year wedding anniversary. The weekend is going to be spent in Sonoma and I treated myself to the day off on Monday. I’m going to enough the afternoon with my lovely mother.  In addition to being thankful…I’m so excited for the September issue of Vogue (it’s the best issue ever and hits newsstands Aug. 23!!!) And these outfits remind me of new york city and I can’t wait for our upcoming trip (just so happens to work out that we will be there at the beginning of…what for it…NYC Fashion Week!)
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Photo: Fashion Feveri.found.my.life.today; Sacramento Street

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